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Al-Awda New York Subcommittees

The following is a list of Al-Awda subcommittees operating in the New York - New Jersey area.
If you are interested in joining a subcommittee, please e-mail:

Media Committee
This committee's concentration has been in writing letters to the press in response to negative and positive media coverage of Palestinian and Arab issues. Some of its future activities might include setting up workshops to expand this to the other members, writing press advisories for our events, setting up press conferences, or establishing relationships with mebers of the press.

Outreach Committee
Besides reaching out to various groups for participation in our events, this committee is responsible for writing letters of solidarity for all the movements we support, setting up speaking engagments for our members at all relevant solidartiy rallies and events in New York. Some of its future activities might include locating and contacting organizations, shops, places of worship, individuals and informing them about events, getting their sponsorship, gauging their participation, forming a phone/contact list of these peoples, maybe making a phone tree, giving a core list to all members.

Civil Disobedience Committee
This commitee is non-functioning right now. It will continue to be non-functioning until a large number of people start to express interest in civil disobedience.

Education Committee
This committee's short-term goal is to set up teach-ins in every school in the tri-state area between now and April 6th, hoping to attract as many participants in the April 7th Right Of Return rally as we can. Our more long term goal is to set up Arab sensitive curriculum or lesson plans for HS and JHS teachers to teach from.

Legal Committee
Members of this committee are responsible for working as a liason between Al-Awda and our lawyers.

Finance Committee
This committee is in charge of managing Al-Awda's financial business in the New York / New Jersey chapter.

Documentation Committee
under construction...

Teach-ins Committee
under construction...

Marshals Committee
Marshalls are responsible for internal security at rallies and protests. These people are generally designated individuals, trained in keeping people organized and in place for marches. There is usually also a few individuals who act as a medical help team in case someone during a march needs assistance or medical attention.

Speakers Committee
under construction...

Street Theatre Committee
Our band of performers that create costumes and a script for portraying issues pertinent to the right of return. These performances occur at rallies and independently.

Fact Finding Mission to Lebanon Committee
under construction...

Fact Finding Mission to Palestine Committee
under construction...

Liaison for New Jersey Islamic Community
under construction...

Liaison for Queens Islamic Community
under construction...

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