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From Palestine Land Society

Intel is violating international law and trespassing on privately-owned US citizens’ property. (See Map by Palestine Land Society).

Iraq al Manshiya has a unique situation in Nakba history. According to the Armistice Agreement of 24 February 1949, the land, property and people of Iraq al Manshiya (and Faluja) were guaranteed safety and the right to remain in their villages, signed by Israel and co-signed by the UN mediator, the American Ralph Bunche. As it is Israel’s practice of violating its own undertakings, the population was expelled and their land was expropriated. They are now 24,000 refugees, living in refugee camps in Jordan (15,000) and in the West Bank (9,000).

The largest families are Titi, Dakhan, Haboush, Abdel Hadi, Muheisin, Abdel Qader, Rayya, Asal and Warda. Some members of these families are now US citizens, living in the US and paying taxes.

Intel built its Fab18 and Fab28 on stolen land which belongs partly to US citizens without their knowledge or permission.

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