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Photos From Events

The following are photos from some of many Al-Awda events hosted around the world.

08/08/10 Fourth Annual Palestine Picnic Day
05/01/10 Eighth Annual International Al-Awda Convention
05/16/08 Seventh Annual International Al-Awda Convention
08/17/08 Photos from Second Annual Palestine Picnic Day
05/16/08 Sixth Annual International Al-Awda Convention
08/18/07 First Annual Palestine Picnic Day - Southern California
05/26/07 Al-Awda National Convention Anaheim California
08/12/06 Demo in San Diego
07/28/06 Photos of NYC Protest
05/19/06 Nakba Commemoration, San Diego
05/14/06 Nakba Rally in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY
05/13/06 Nakba Rally in Vancouver
03/18/06 Demo in San Diego
11/19/05 Ibdaa in San Diego
09/24/05 Demo in San Diego
06/22/05 Al-Rowwad Palestinian Children's Theater Performance - NYC
02/14/05 San Diego Celebration of Naji Al-Ali
11/20/04 West Coast Regional Conference
09/11/04 Festival of Cultural Resistance - NYC
08/29/04 Al-Awda Band in NY
08/29/04 Demo in San Diego
08/28/04 Al-Awda Band in NJ
03/20/04 Demo in San Diego
04/16/04 Al-Awda National Convention New York
09/29/02 National Al-Awda Rally in Chicago
09/29/02 Al-Awda March in Montreal
06/10/01 Puerto Rico Day Parade, NYC
04/07/01 National Al-Awda Rally in NY
04/07/01 National Al-Awda Rally in Madrid 1
04/07/01 National Al-Awda Rally in Madrid 2
04/07/01 National Al-Awda Rally in Madrid 3
04/07/01 National Al-Awda Rally in Madrid 4
09/17/00 National Al-Awda Rally in London UK
09/16/00 National Al-Awda Rally in Washington DC


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