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PRESS RELEASE: Local Palestinian-Americans & supporters to Rally for Refugees

WHAT: Refugees' Right to Return Revolution Rally
WHEN: Sunday, May 15, Noon-3 P.M.
WHERE: Cleveland Public Square, adjacent to Tower City
CONTACT: Don Bryant 440-623-0492
Abbas Hamideh 216-299-6002

Sunday's Refugees' Right to Return Rally in Cleveland coincides with the mass nonviolent migration of Palestinians from refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria who will march to the borders of Occupied Palestine. Egyptians will also march in solidarity. Refugees will attempt to return to their homes after 63 years of forced exile. Israeli armed forces are amassing on the borders to stop the refugees from crossing the borders.

Local rally organizer, Abbas Hamideh, is a descendant of Palestinians from Deir Yassin, an ethnically-cleansed village in Original Palestine, now Israel. He said, "it's our turn for our revolution. The Arab worlds' revolution is not complete without the liberation of Palestine. The only correction of the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe of May 15, 1948, is the return home."

Historically, thousands of Palestinians were ethnically cleansed through "Zionist" paramilitary attacks and massacres on villages of Original Palestine to make way for the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Palestinian refugees are guaranteed the "right of return" to their homes and villages by decree of United Nation's resolution #152 and international law.

Hamideh further stated that Northeast Ohio is home to the fourth largest Palestinian community in the country. "We are standing with our relatives and our countrymen for their unalienable right to return to their homes, and escape the utter poverty and injustice associated with their exile to these refugee camps."






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