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The Scheme to Define Away Palestinian Refugees

The Scheme to Define Away Palestinian Refugees

In May 2012, Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) made an outstanding discovery, which had escaped scores of politicians, diplomats and experts for six decades. He discovered that the number of Palestinian refugees is not five million as United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) records show, but merely 30,000. The credit for this discovery goes to AIPAC and Israel as they had advanced this “discovery” for the last four months. Kirk “took the signal” and proposed a motion to the Congress which was passed after a mild amendment. Within a week, dozens of pro-Israel and Jewish sites in the USA, Canada and Australia reported the “discovery.” For them, defining away refugees is akin to an end-run on conflict and war. Dispossessed Palestinians will remain dispossessed Palestinians with no recourse. This interpretation is nothing more than a gimmick, which, if anything, will prolong the conflict and increase the suffering of millions of refugees.

Back to Roots

Thank you, Jess (Ghannam), for your kind introduction. I have just landed after a 10 hour flight from London, crossing an 8 hour time zone. I had plenty of time to reflect on our situation. Today, terrible news from Gaza and Lebanon, describing the death and destruction sown by Israel, gives us an eerie sense of dejas-vu. Al Nakba is re-enacted everyday of our lives.

The 1967 War Was Launched By Israel To Grab More Arab Lands

Israeli plans for expansion during the Suez Canal War of 1956 were dashed as a result of the adamant stand by U.S. President Eisenhower. The Zionist leadership, however, did not abandon their greed for more Arab lands and had to wait for a more accommodating American President. The new opportunity was provided in 1967.

There Could Have Been Peace

Count Folke Bernadotte’s report and recommendations were submitted to the UN Security Council on 16 September 1948. On the following day, 17 September, Bernadotte arrived at Kalandia, just north of Jerusalem. After lunch with Dov Joseph, the Governor of Jerusalem, the UN party proceeded to inspect various UN and Red Cross facilities in the Jewish sector.