Al-Awda Stands By Yarmouk Camp, Through Thick and Thin


It is with deep sorrow and concern that we witness the injustice and tragedy befalling the Palestinian refugees in Syria. Displaced from their homeland, our courageous people continue to face the horrors of violence, siege, famine, and indiscriminate targeting. We believe it is our duty to support them, as we believe it is our duty […]

Al-Awda’s Eleventh Annual International Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, September 6-8, 2013

Together with our families in the homeland, we are planning our return to a Free Palestine! Help design and energize the work for the coming year along with our expanding network of grassroots, student, and solidarity activists. Fighting for Freedom! Protesting for Justice! Solidarity Until Return! JOIN US at one of the largest annual gathering of Palestinians and their supporters to address critical issues that our cause is facing.